Charge DeFi Fantom Genesis


3 min readMar 2, 2022


Charge DeFi is an elastic supply algorithmic token ecosystem. They have already launched their platform on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and are preparing to launch on the Fantom (FTM) chain by the end of March 2022.

Unlike so many crypto projects today Charge DeFi does not begin and end at yield farming. The goals of the project team are to bring a new level of utility to cryptocurrency through use cases which will improve multiple aspects of investing in DeFi projects and simplifying the use of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives.

To reach the audience necessary for these use cases to have maximum impact Charge DeFi will continue to expand onto other chains. Doing so will allow Charge DeFi to reach investors who would not have found the project otherwise and raise awareness of the protocol, use cases, and vision of the team.

FTM Chain Launch

Charge DeFi has elected to provide existing investors on the BSC network the opportunity to participate in the genesis stage of launching on the FTM network. This will allow savvy investors the opportunity to participate in the earliest, and often most lucrative, stages of the project on a new chain.

New and existing investors can participate by exchanging either $Static or $Static-$BUSD LP tokens into a membership area which will lock up exchanged assets for three months in exchange for xStatic receipt tokens. The $xStatic receipts can be used to earn rewards in pools related to the FTM launch as well as other membership benefits.

The current rewards pool allows the investor to earn $fStatic tokens which act as placeholders for FTM Static tokens which the investor will receive via airdrop when the launch date arrives. Rewards are earned in the same manner as other farming rewards, in proportion to the investor’s percentage of the deposited tokens. The more $xStatic tokens deposited into the pool the more $fStatic an investor will earn.

What to Expect Next

The current rewards pool will end 18 March 2022 14:32 GMT. A second rewards pool is expected to be available on 19 March. What that rewards pool will yield is not yet known.

What we do know is the Charge DeFi launch on FTM will require an ecosystem which mirrors that of the one on BSC. An investors FTM Static will need to be paired with a stable coin.

On BSC the stable coin is $BUSD. On FTM I am expecting $USDC as it has the largest liquidity of any stable coin on the network. Furthermore, I anticipate that SpookySwap will be the DEX where Liquidity Pools (LPs) are formed filling the place of PancakeSwap on BSC.

FTM Launch Day

The expected launch date for Charge DeFi on FTM is 28 March 2022. When that day arrives investors should do the following:

  • Pair airdropped FTM Static with USDC into an LP
  • Stake $Static-$USDC LPs in the Farms on the Charge DeFi website
  • Begin earning rewards

Investors who wish to receive the maximum benefit of the FTM launch will compound as much of their earnings as possible and avoid selling any $Static to help keep it as high above peg as possible. As the ecosystem grows and expands investors will be rewarded with great APRs on their investments.

What Else to Expect

The launch of Charge DeFi on FTM is expected to take place around the same time as the beta version of money legos. If these manage to launch at the same time it will provide synergistic benefits for all investors as new utility is unlocked.

I suspect with the launch of money legos we will see additional rewards pool(s) for $xStatic holders. If correct investors would likely receive partner tokens when staking in those pools as a means to celebrate the launch of these integrations.

Charge DeFi on BSC

The way the Charge DeFi team has approached their impending launch on FTM is refreshing. It provides their current investors with opportunities to greatly benefit from the launch on another platform.

The teams forethought has provided investors increased incentive to do the right things for the protocol on BSC today which increases earnings now. Today the boardroom is paying an outstanding 2% per day on money invested. Join with us in our journey to FTM and enjoy amazing yields in the process.


All content is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Investors should do their own research and make sure they understand the risks of their investment before committing their funds. Cryptocurrency is a high risk asset class with high levels of volatility. Loss of principal is possible.




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