Demystifying $fCharge

Charge DeFi investors are about to embark onto the next stage in the journey to bring the Fantom Opera (FTM) chain into the fold. Starting 19 March 2022 at 16:01:29 UTC investors will have the opportunity to start earning $fCharge which, like cousin $fStatic, is a placeholder (IOU) token on the BSC network which will qualify investors for an airdrop of FTM chain $Charge ($FTMCharge) tokens on 28 March 2022 when Charge DeFi will officially launch on the FTM chain.

To earn $fCharge tokens investors will need to stake $xStatic membership tokens in a special farm. That farm will earn $fCharge tokens based on the percentage of $xStatic an investor has staked in the pool.

How do I earn $fCharge

As I explained in my Demystifying $fStatic article you will need $xStatic tokens to earn $fCharge. If you aren’t familiar with what those are or how they can be beneficial please check out my $fStatic article as well as my article entitled: What is xStatic and what can I do with it?

In short the more $xStatic you have the more $fCharge you will be able to earn. While I would personally love for everyone else to stay out of the pool so I can earn a pile of $fCharge I realize that is not going to happen.

If you have questions about how the APRs are calculated on the farm it is done the exact same way as I described in my $fStatic article. I will not cover that again here so please go read that if you really want to know.

How Much $fCharge Can I Earn

Before we get into how much $fCharge you can earn I want to point out that during the weekly AMA on 18 March 2022 the Charge DeFi team announced that the total supply of $Charge tokens across all chains, initially BSC and Fantom, will remain at 200,000. To me that announcement is earth shattering.

I had been expecting each chain Charge DeFi launches on to have a meaningful allocation of $Charge tokens granted for initial yield farming. Instead the Charge DeFi team has elected to reallocate 40,000 farmable Charge tokens that were initially going to be emitted into the BSC chain into the FTM chain instead. To me this highlights the confidence the team has in their upcoming use cases of Money Legos and Wallet app.

Unless emissions are cut on the BSC side, which they might be, this means that $Charge emissions on BSC will end earlier than originally planned. I am personally hoping to see a rate cut.

The initial value of $FTMCharge will be set at $625.00. The emission rate of $fCharge for the membership staking pool is 0.0021 per BSC block. As BSC blocks per day is variable my calculations will use the number of blocks on the 18th as a reference point. There will be a total of 201,600 BSC blocks during the the $fCharge farm is active resulting in total emissions of approximately 423.36 $fCharge which will be redeemed, via airdrop, for $FTMCharge on the 28th. The total emissions are likely to be 425 as the emission rate shown on the farm is probably rounded.

Now we will get to the numbers I know you all want so much. The following table shows what a new investment of $1,000.00 into either $Static or $Static-$BUSD LPs could earn if exchanged for $xStatic and no additional $xStatic were staked into the pool. The 21M $xStatic already in circulation are expected to be fully invested into the pool in these calculations.

Data and calculations for $fCharge earnings
$fCharge earnings calculations

When reading the values in the table provided please note that the numbers highlighted in blue equate to your $fCharge earnings. The numbers highlighted in green, the color of (USA) money, is what those earnings equate to in US Dollars based on the value of $FTMCharge at launch. If you want you can create your own copy of my spreadsheet to calculate your earnings.

The ending block for the $fCharge pool is 16401115 which is expected to be at: 26 March 2022 16:01:20 UTC. Giving investors seven days to earn their $fCharge tokens.


All content is provided for informational and entertainment purposes only. Investors should do their own research and make sure they understand the risks of their investment before committing funds. Cryptocurrency is a high risk asset class with high levels of volatility. Loss of principal is possible.



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